​​If you are involved in the manufacturing industry and are a manufacturing company looking for human capital talent to enhance your operation, contact us.  

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Robert W. Simril & Associates

​​From time to time I read Technical articles from the web. They are either  technical in nature or Operations in nature. This I do in an effort to stay current with technology, processes, trends, buzz-words or just the latest news in manufacturing. You may find something interesting.​

Recruiters of Engineering and Operations Professionals

Established in 1991 Robert W. Simril & Associates is experienced in Recruiting of Manufacturing and Operations Management, Engineering and Maintenance, Quality Control, Research & Development, Materials Management, Shipping & Receiving, Logistics specialist serving the Southeast, Atlantic, Midwest, and Southwest regions. 

Industries served are Metals, Electronics, Electro-Mechanical, Consumer Products, Capital Equipment, Automotive, Truck, Plastics and Process Industries Manufacturing.  We partner with Fortune 500 Corporations as well as Privately Owned Companies.  Our Potential Candidates are Professionals with 2 to 20 years’ experience in their chosen field.  We work with product conception through manufacturing.  After the product is manufactured we work with logistics which includes distribution centers. 

We are constantly working on various search assignments involving Engineering or Operations types of skills requirements. The skills levels are from 2 years + experience and the salaries range from $50,000 to $150,000+ depending on the industry, experience and location.

You are invited to view several (not all) of our focused efforts.

If you are involved in the manufacturing industry, a Professional who has developed skill sets by using them in todays' market place, we may need to communicate. ​If you are Educated and Experienced in mechanical, electrical, chemical, quality control, quality management, operations management, manufacturing process, supply chain management, we may be in a position to offer insight on how to advance your career, contact us