Recruiters of Engineering and Operations Professionals

Mission Statement

With our Clients – To facilitate the identification and offer acceptance of high quality Professional talent which meets a need within a Client company. Striving to become a business partner who brings “value-added resources” in recruiting.  
With our Candidates – To serve as “a Messenger of Opportunity” to inform candidates, or someone they may know of career opportunities which may prepare them for the future. 

Professionally we take the following approach:

Clients: If you need applicants for an open requisition, place the listing on the web i.e. or your own internal web site, classified section of the local newspaper. If you need Potential Candidates who are pre-qualified, interested in your opening, willing to talk seriously, contact us

​Candidates: We do not deal in Jobs rather "Positions". There is a difference. If you find yourself in need of a job, check with the local Employment Security Commission, local Personnel Agency, and local Temp Agency.
Let us be your Messenger of Opportunity, contact us.  

We offer insights into the Market Place through our blog at for Candidates who wish to know more about working with Recruiters, resumes, interviewing, etc. for various reasons.  

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“When a client company hires a new person, that person should have a positive effect on the P&L statement. When a candidate accepts a new position, that move should have a positive effect on their career direction in life. We do not take our role in these decisions lightly.” – Bob Simril ur role in these decisions lightly.” – Bob Simril 

Robert W. Simril & Associates