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No business model, no tool, no artificial intelligence, no technology will ever prove to be a replacement for good recruiters offering great human-to-human Services.

Thus, we believe the inevitable truth that supreme value of good human to human recruitment and services will never change. No matter how much the industry changes, it is still in the (people) business of finding, attracting, and maintaining human capital. No tool, no technology, no artificial intelligence, no “scalable” business model can ever replace the service of a good human being because human beings, unlike machines, have human emotional intelligence —  the ability to read people, empathize with people, and react as a fellow emotional being in real time to the real life peccadillos of recruiting.

Therefore, because of the fundamental truth that corporations can never find a real replacement for good recruiters and recruiting services, and despite periodically being tempted by shiny new tools and technologies promising to replace recruiters, these employers will repeatedly themselves be “born again” with renewed faith in good recruiters after new recruiting technologies inevitably prove to them to be the “god that failed.”

Technologies and tools exist to enhance good recruiting. They cannot and will never replace good recruiting.
​​Open requisitions cost money. Today’s climate calls for everyone to do more with less. Business plans, expansions, new product launches, schedules require that talent to meet those needs be identified quickly yet with a requirement of quality in order to make the right hiring decision.

Should you elect to use our service, first we will have an in-depth discussion with you as a Potential Client. That in-depth discussion will cover many areas of your need i.e. about the culture, organization, business and existing challenge. Only after we feel comfortable in our ability to meet your need will we refer to you as a Client, not a Potential. We will customize our search to meet your specifications and only submit candidates that have been thoroughly screened to meet your needs. We value your time and will not waste it with unsuitable candidates. Should that comfort zone not be reached by both of us, we will refer you to someone who may be able to meet those needs.

Human Resource Professionals and Hiring Managers become frustrated with Applicant Tracking Systems where key words are used to rule a Potential Candidate either in or out. I have heard this process referred to as “Plug and Play” concept. Often a company’s reputation suffers when Candidates who have applied on line never hear from their application and then talk about their experiences to others. After we understand the skills you seek, we will converse with the Potential Candidate to see if the skills are there and not brought out in the resume. Potential Candidates must be agreeable with the Position, Location and Salary before they will know the name of your company. Should they not have the specific skill in the depth you need they will not be referred. Some smaller to medium size employers who have an excellent product, excellent position in their market place, yet like all employers are doing more with less and do not have the time to identify a Potential Candidate and then do proper screening prior to investing time and money in an interview process before making a hiring decision.

At Robert W. Simril & Associates we understand. Let us be part of your solution and a value added resource. We comprehend Organization structures, industry and your needs. Together we will reach your hiring goals and strategic business initiatives.

Should you have a question please call us at (252) 675-8500 or email your question to our commitment to you is to respond within 48 hours.         

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